Friday, June 21, 2013


I started this blog in 2008, with an email id that had ‘ whatdefinesme’ in it and my blog was titled, My Neverland. Well, the Neverland wasn’t altered but now the blog functions with the email id that has my name in it; some improvement at that, eh?

However, blogging wasn’t much appreciated then, as it is now and so, this blog turned dormant in no time. Nonetheless, a very personal loss of a great friend made me turn to my blog as the only place I could express my grief. It was during this time when I also opened my new facebook account. A revival of one self, you may say!
It also opened new avenues with me with the establishment of Indiblogger and I began attending blogger meets frequently. Time passed by and in no time, I made a whole lot of new friends and gradually along with my posts, my blog followers also increased.

Since then, I have always tried to encourage people to write, for I believe that all of us have a story to tell, including my eleven-year old sister. She’d in particular be envious of me going for the blogger meets and would follow me around the house a day earlier, begging to come along. But then most of the meets weren’t children-oriented so I had to decline her request every time.

Until this time, when Indiblogger came up with this extravagant HP Print Art blogger meet in association with HP where the bloggers could get the little ones too. My sister danced in sheer joy when I broke the news to her. From choosing the dress to applying pink gloss and wearing the Chanel perfume, madam managed to almost eat my head up.

On the other end, it was quite difficult to convince my parents and grandparents to allow her to come along with me for the meet. They had one point- What will she do there? And what is blogging? Why are you pulling her along in this field…..
Well that’s more than one point…
However, I explained to them the concept of the meet. That it would not be a usual meet but would have activities where the kids would participate and also win gifts. After much coaxing we left for the meet.

The event started off with great enthusiasm, and it felt great because my other friends had got their family members too. While Garima and Naina got their younger sisters, Ekta got her mother for the meet. Witty remarks and rounds of introductions were followed by a presentation by HP on print art. The emphasis of the presentation was how “Technology Nurtures Creativity”, wherein they showed how HP printers are children-friendly and easy to handle, thereby allowing children to use technology to enhance their homework and holiday work as well as present their creative inputs more efficiently with HP Printers. The cartridges are delivered at your doorstep as well as are cost-efficient and are available for both black as well as colored ink.

My sister looked at me knowingly throughout the presentation and discussions, because we’d had this discussion before and she’d demanded for a printer for her holiday homework and I’d told her to draw by hand rather than draw on paint and print. She began scowling by the end of the presentations and I cringed, realizing it was wrong on my part.

After that, it was activity time. We were divided into groups and we got the theme of “Space” and were required to create a birthday celebration for a child.  Our team got to work, Paarijat fully engrossed with the team, while I went on a motherly-journey looking at my little one getting along so well with my friends. Me Naina and Garima excused ourselves to go to the washroom and by the time we came back, it was time to present our party to the judges.

As we went through the presentation, she whispered into my ear to sing a song after the explanation was done with. So we began humming, Aasman ke paar shayad, aur koi aasmaan hoga.. and well, the judges broke into a big smile and clapped for us. After they left, I handed a chocolate cupcake to her and she grinned as she went back to the group. 

The event concluded with the other team winning the competition and though she was sad, Pari quickly recovered at the mention of Food. A lunch and coffee break followed, wherein she enjoyed gorging on her favorite idli sambhar. During all this, she was constantly conversing with all my friends, even explaining how printers help students in excelling in not just their crafts but also studies. Naina, Garima and I looked at each other and smiled, looking at how amazing our sisters had got along.



The best part about that evening was when Mr.Arvind Passey, a renowned blogger exclaimed, "Priyanka, you've lost your steam in front of her. This girl will grow to become an intelligent genius!"
And I replied… I’d love it if she grows bigger than that Passey Jee!

Pari with the Cake!

We clicked pictures, and Pari made a cake out of the materials that were remaining on our table for the activity and presented it to the Indiblogger team, thanking them for letting her come. After chatting and laughing for some time, and of course, after getting our Indiblogger Tee-shirts, we left.

This post is a conscious effort to win an HP printer for my sister Paarijat, and to mark my sister’s first venture into the world of blogging. Happy to see her part of my blogging family ~The Indiblogger Family~