Saturday, January 21, 2012

Writing Defines My Life!

A writer is not born in a day's time. Such was the case with me. Writing has been my only passion. Last year, 2010 has been a nightmare! I lost a very dear friend of mine, to something as trivial as Dengue. We were playing like kids, dancing in the rain singing songs, playing dumb charades, antakshari and enjoying life to its fullest. Ten days later, he was lying lifeless in my arms. That sight still breaks me down.
Days followed and I cornered myself to an existence where I knew no one at all and no one knew me. For almost a month, I saw one by one, all "friends" go away. It had been terrible!

Then one day, I went to my blog, which spelled Emptiness from all ends. I had just One follower-Myself.

I put my cursor on the "Delete Blog" button, and was about to click it when I saw a blog, I had bookmarked but had not seen recently. Something in me, made me click on that blog. It was a very popular blog-and the author had written about life, happiness and how Life is not about the anticipation of the finishing line, But rather enjoying and celebrating as we pass every milestone.

I smiled slowly as I read the posts. 1500+ followers and hundreds of reader comments!
And I thought to myself, I should give this a try. This guy may just inspire me to write again! I will talk to this guy, He is very popular so he might not reply. If he doesn't, I won't write again!
With that thought, I searched him on Facebook and sent him a friend request. I sent him a message saying that I loved his blog and I gave him my blog link. I had recently written a blog post regarding my friend's demise.

Within five minutes I got a reply from him. He sounded so happy on receiving my message! I couldn't believe it!
And it was from that day in the 2011, that I started writing and now my blog had more than 140 followers and people who visit my blog, have only appreciated it.

I know it will take some more time to become more popular. In fact I do not know how much people would relate to this story, but writing defines me life. I would have been nothing without my poetry. And I cannot explain how much this guy helped me through, without even doing anything, he inspired me so much!

I want to be such an inspiration.Whatever I do, I want to help people take that chance! Become who they want to! Be confident.


  1. OMG....CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!, Priyanka....this isnt just a made me reflect when i started writing my blog.....the part of visiting a guest blog.....interacting with the person.....One follower-Myself....appreciating guest's beautiful posts...poems etc and later followed the blog...comments ....made me motivate to write more....believe in more in me......CAN U GUESS....WHOSE BLOG WAS IT.....HEY, ITS WAS PRIYANKA'S NEVERLAND!!!!

  2. hi Priyanka,I must admit,you write really well :)
    Am following you now.

  3. Writing gives the real peace
    I can connect myself to your situation
    because even i started writing only after loosing someone Real close to me,
    Still she is the inspiration and will be forever :) <3

  4. Basil Sylvester PintoSeptember 2, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    A very touching post .... reminds me of an experience mid last year :)) I took to writing fiction after almost a decade coz of Jaundice mid last year ... I thought that's it - end of my good life ... trekking, partying .... but no, it continues :))It is dedicated to my penpal, phonepal, then we met a few times ... now one of my best friends .... name is Crystal :) We go a long way - more than ten years :)) letter-writing can never replace internet let alone fb. this is the link to the dedicated post. Love you choco babe .... muahzzzz :*

  5. Awesome! Thanks for Sharing Pinto!

  6. wonderful experience in Priyanks's wonderland.. u write so poetically those lines dear..

  7. Anjit,
    I always believe that we are all connected in one way or the other..we are, by that invisible cord called Emotions! :)

  8. Yep rightly said :)

  9. Sourav,

    I have always believed that friends make the relationship happen.
    We may not be in touch anymore, but, I shall always respect you, love you and your work.
    God Bless you.

  10. You made me cry and smile at the same time. And you already an inspiration to me :)


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