Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You, Me and a Few Close Friends

Trees watch us walk by, like milestones of memories
one after another, we forget counting
our fingers entwined into an embrace
You, me and few close friends.

We sing along, our voices uncoordinated
into tunes, twisted turned and morphed-too many!
Gossips lay cold, like the untouched tea cup and biscuits
Just you, me and a few close friends.

Poetry, sings to me
the day, since the day you went away
as if, it brings you back to me,
whenever my pen touches the paper, my heart
You me and a few close friends.

Years pass by, moments turn into time and voids
happiness and tranquility remain distant thoughts
we pass each other, like the breeze-brushing past
And on our own alone-ness, yet again
You, Me and a few close friends.

These companions, are for our lifetimes
that remind us, of what we had once and I hope
we might just meet gain, someday
You Me and our few close friends..