Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rest, no more!

Gone is yesterday, why still
thy sore bleeds, the unpleasant history
as Man killed man, with knives and guns
now they fight, a battle of words?
will you never learn to heal
take what you get and leave?

Wait, some more,
and then turn back; forget
what we had seen till yesterday
Pretend some more, like it never happened.

Why, then why
do we cry this fear away
of glorifying our past and present
let us hide into our mother's wombs
and cradle into our graves
till we find ourselves again
and face life, with a crooked smile
Stand tall and look at the flaws
and fill the voids by our own hands
like a sculptor, repair and re-create.

What has been, has gone
and what shall remain is what we do
now, for now
rest no more,
It is time to awaken thy soul.
Rest, no more.

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