Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Woman in You!

The woman in you
Un-hid herself, off your reflection
The tinted mirror heated,by the steam
Of purification,as drops leave your abode
Drop by drop, the self,stirs and simmers
Unto your cusp-ed drought,quenching the thirst,
Of the soil that moistens your heart, like the gray clouds,
That hang upon you,asking often
How you wish to be One
And you passionately rub of the last traces

Off your rosy cheeks, inflammable by thrust
Thud! You step down,it shan't happen
Like it has happened before..
This woman shall only rise,from
Every tremor, deceit and disguise
And not bow to the self-fed Sun
But rise along,and become the woman,
In every woman,in every man
That is often sublimed distorted,
Seek that woman,in you, Today
And you shall find yourself,
A little closer to You.

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