Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Kolkata!

The tram scurried away
I tried, wrapping the shawl a little tighter
the shraabon in Kolkata, a little cooler than liked.
people, distantly absorbed in their rojgaar,
pushing against the tide of the bhadralok,
I smirk my way down.

And as I stroll into one of the tiny by-lanes
I find the aalu qaabli wala, mixing the secret masalas
into an irresistible mixture
I gasp at the sight, the nimbu flavoring, tempting me.

No money, I make a face
and ask, dada, ektu taste korte daao na!
And he says, didi, dos taaka lagbe, nahole nai!
I plead a little, the old tactics tried
he says, Momota didi er shohor ekhon,
tai bole ki shob didi der "phree" te khawabo!

I longingly look at the mastery of his hands,
the aroma of boiled aalus, fixating me
I go on with my search, into the crevasses
surfing on the crests, resolving to find my self in between it.
Some day, Kolkata shall find me,
And I shall seek myself into her arms,
Loved, owned and treasured.
Let me seek into thy heart,
and let me last breath die unto you, Kolkata! ♥


Rojgaar- earning. Here, refers to a man's every day Life.

Bhadralok- refers to the people, in general.A term used to call the bengali babus during British rule. The Bengali English knowing class.
 Alu Qabli- A popular street food made in Kolkata.
Nimbu- Lime/Lemon

"Dada ektu taste korte daao na"- Brother, please let me taste of of that
"Didi,dos taaka lagbe, nahole nai"- Sister, it costs ten rupees.If you don't pay, I can't give it.

"Momota didi er shohor ekhon,
tai bole ki shob didi der "phree" te khawabo!"- Mamata Banerjee popularly called, Momota didi, rules Kolkata (here it refers to the elections which Mamata Banerjee won, to beco'me the Chief Minister of Kolkata) , that doesn't mean that I will give this to you for free(phree-the accent in which the word is told ).

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