Thursday, November 24, 2011

Supplemented Ego-bruised Love O' Mine

I sat down to write few lines
to wash away the wrinkled frowns
by the tides of events
that rise and drop, yet another pretense.

I came to you, to sing a song
Of our love, to a world where we belong
the place where intentions are right
and actions are never wrong.

With the wind, the petals flew
the roses that you threw
at me, as if it were thorns
and thorns alone?

No, don't go, I plead
your scorned face, cold
as I whimper, like a weak breed.
Your laugh, resonated, out and bold.

I stopped, looked at your face
you were not you, but your alter-ego
the one I loved, was now veiled
behind a concrete shadow.

The ego of needs, playful beliefs
see, how they burnt away our love
Yes, I still long for our love, so true
But not your attitude of Ingratitude.