Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spinach Paratha

Spinach is one thing I detest having! But due to my newly found responsibility of cooking meals for my household, I had to include Spinach into my otherwise not so-healthy diet chart!

But I know for sure that I cannot have those spinach-paste called "saag" or those curries of green broth with Paneer they call, Palak Paneer.
So, instead I thought of a better way out!
And it worked great for me! And I know you will like it too! It can be served with a Hot and Sweet Sauce, or any cooked vegetable.

Ingredients Required:

No need of Maida. Use the normal atta you use for making rotis. The quantity of atta would be the same amount as much as you use for Parathas.

not just the leaves but the stems, (halfway) too. No need to blanch them. Just wash them properly, and then chop into fine pieces.

Chopped into cubic pieces, chop it and keep it out for an hour before using it.That would take care of the moistness required in it, to make the Parathas tasty.

Scrub the ginger and take about 5 cms long a piece, less if you don't like too much spice.

Green chillies.Four to Five~ A must for me. If you're not into the spicy mood, add one medium sized chilly, finely chopped.




Red chilli Powder

Black Cumin Seeds (Optional)



  1. Take the flour in a large bowl. Add 2 Tsp. of Ghee/Oil into it. Mix it into the flour with clean hands. Next add 4 pinches of salt, 4 pinches of sugar to it. Mix well.
  2. Take some warm water, and pour little into the flour. Add black cumin seeds and begin to make the dough.
  3. Add spinach, onions, chillies and ginger with the chilli powder too and mix it all up into a nice smooth soft dough.
  4. Make round balls out of it, measuring to fitting into a palm. Smooth-en them into circular plates, and then first roast them on a dry tawa. After that, smother oil/ghee on to it and let it roast till nice golden and brown.
  5. Serve hot.

It should look like this. Doesn't consume much oil, is healthy and not too heavy. Plus there's spinach, and the kids won't complain! :)
Do try and then let me know what you think of it!

Cheers! And Happy Cooking!

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