Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some feelings.. are hard to define!

Past two days have made me an emotional wreck!
Words have never come out this profusely!
I am in a situation where, I am not even doing anything.

Why is it, that the one whom WE never with us..
But the one who is around us.. wants us that way!
And, we end up doing the same thing that we have experienced .. :HURT..

I don't know how much sense, you would find in these lines.. but they..seriously define the MESS I am in, presently.

Some feelings are hard to define,
within the boundaries of heart they are hard to confine.

It is not always that you can name these.
At times they seem to be wandering like directionless bees.

But even the bees are moving towards a definite goal,
towards a certain sense that titillates their soul.

The same cannot be said about what we feel,
taking us to the peak of an illusory hill.

The cause too is not always true,
a making of our own mind, something new.

We find reasons to validate our illusion,
the innocent heart is the only sufferer in this confusion.

So take some time before making a decision
some of these feelings can leave an uncurable incision.