Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forgotten Part I

We were like the clouds 
Drifting in the sky,
Who just try and try 
To be and stay one.
But the wind, the rain 
And even the sun,
Nobody wants it done.

We were driven apart
By the rays of the sun,
And washed away by the rain.
And then we went further apart,
As we were hurled away by the hail.

Then when we were 
Miles and miles away,
I lived and let the wind make me sway.
I let myself get carried away,
Dreaming, wishing, hoping,
I’ll be with you one day.

I waited for you,
I waited for so long.
I searched for you,
I searched for so long.

But, you seemed to have forgotten,
Who was I.
You seemed to have forgotten,
Where was I.
You seemed to have forgotten,
And that still brings tears to my eye!