Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forgotten Part II

The eye which held dreams so sweet..
Me and you in a place so discreet ...
splashin the sea waves,watching the sun set..
But my tears tell me,thats not our fate..

How I wish we could be like before ..
I wish to be with you from my soul's core..
Has the relationship failed?
Or have we failed it?
tearin away a bond dat was once so close knit..

And still there's time,
All is not lost ..
We can still be together ..
But time itself it'll cost..
What use is time if you cant live it?
Lets put the puzzle together,bit by bit..

Did we ever try to keep our souls one?
We would have succeeded then..
even if it was not wanted by the wind,rain n d sun
They are just to blame,we had it weaken,
Its all our mistake
that I lie here all forgotten ...