Monday, October 1, 2007


Tell me your dreams.
Tell me your reality.
Share with me your imagination,
and the extent of your morality.
Tell me…how high are you willing
to go to find success.
Tell me…how deep
will you go to find THE peace.
Tell me…will you make others cry
to keep your own self happy?
Or will you give up on your happiness
to see others smile?
Tell me…do you believe in God
and his divinity?
Or will you sell your soul
to the devil without even a moment’s hesitancy?
Tell me…will you stand by your convictions
like the mountains high?
Or you are so fickle that no matter
which direction the wind goes, you will fly?
Tell me...Are you game for love just for the
sheer joy of loving?
Or for you love has lost its chastity
and it's glorious meaning.
Tell me...All this, for I will be
glad if with me you share.
I can be your friend,
so without any fear you can lay your heart bare.
I can be your God.
Or I can be your Satan.
I can make your life a lush meadow.
Or like a desert- empty and barren.
I can introduce you to your destiny
or I can acquaint you with your doom.
I can show you what is happiness all about.
Or i can fill your life with misery and gloom.
I can help you open your wings and fly high.
Or I can tie you down till you die.
I am noone else but
who you see in the mirror.
My image can make you feel blessed.
Or that manifestation can make you shiver.
I am but a reflectionthat you see.
Whichever path you want to tread on (good or bad)
I will gladly follow thee.
I am you.And you are I.
Though I might be your conscience.
But, I am only a voice of thy.