Monday, October 1, 2007

Only I will know how I was hurt
by the Relationship of HEARTS...
All those broken dreams,
coverd by sadness of my heart..
with happines dead,
and EVEN the world has stopped ,
for it is coverd only by your thoughts..
for i dont know y i still love,
even after love has broken my heart..
Even though u left me
, y i cry, i dont know.
Every tear fallin
Has its own story to tell ..
i dont know y i still love you
but i do still ..
Love Me Or Leave Me
i dont care,
but noboby can love u
like i can..
Life without u wasnt a life..
life without u wont be a life
There was only a small difference
between u and me
i wanted u
and u wanted
the whole world........
not me...