Monday, October 1, 2007


The darkness, so peaceful
in these days of pain,
the darkness, so kind,
in my lonesome days.
It gives me the space i craved for
during the day,
it lets me be myself no matter
what, others have to say.
The night sky, calm and
dotted with stars,the moon,
the leader
of this fleet of stars.
This entire fleet,eyes down on me,
seem like a guardian
watching over me.
Whilst walking in the darkness,
i gently feel,the sound of silence
in the purest breeze.
I love the way the wind,
dances along,caressing my soul
as i walk along.
So, alone i walk,in the dark,
when i can’t see,too far beyond.
Alone i walk
in the dark,
when the world retires
to that place called dreams.
I walk alone in the dark,
so noone sees my heart’s suffering.
I fight this pain,
as i walk along,
just the stars in the dark
for company. ..