Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Miles We Travel, The Smiles We Unravel

She brings a smile on my face  
In a million hundred ways
The memory of her words, her grace
Stay with me through my life’s toughest phase.
She is the sparkle of the skies,
The movement of winds, the twinkle in my eyes
With her, time just flies
And life seems like paradise.    

They say, with the birth of a child, your life assumes a different meaning. It is a milestone we cross, and we’re never the same again! Well, the day my sister was born, I had determined to give her all the happiness that I can fetch for her.
Travelling is one of the best ways of getting the family together to enjoy. And when you are in the company of children, it only doubles the enjoyment! Isn't it amazing how children make the best out of any opportunity- be it a tough situation at school, bad marks, first crush or a trip! They are the first ones to get all excited, making plans of how they’d sit in the back seat, what songs they’d sing and what toys they can hide in their luggage and bring along!
We are a family of travel enthusiasts though we are not able to travel as much as we’d like to! However, when we do travel, we make the best of it. Like while travelling within the country, we make sure we stop at dhabas and interesting spots and we try the local cuisines, click pictures with the locales and basically, we eat a lot!

And when travelling internationally, we’ve trekked to places, climbed into trains going to unknown destinations, lodged into wrong hotels…Ah! The craziness sounds much more decent than it has been!

With my sister by my side, we end up doing a lot of quirky stuff and in that list, tops “Posing for photographs”! Give us a mall, an actor’s wax model at Tussaud’s, a stadium, an ice-cream cone or if left to just ourselves, we can create the right blend of spices for us and for those around us! Trust me!

Being her elder sister, I have experienced some great moments of my life with her. To see her smiling, to be her support, to be the one she trusts, makes me feel good about myself. It is the way in which she looks at things so differently, the way she trusts us completely to take her wherever we intend to, I don’t think we are able to trust like that once we grow up!

She notices the littlest of things- the fountains, the changing colors of the sky, rainbows, how there are lakes with “green water” and then lakes with “blue water”. Her bespectacled lenses open up a world of their own and I love being a part of it sometimes; I feel like a child again. Trust me, it is a privilege. In a child’s world, everything seems animated. You are not part of the rush, the camaraderie and you just do what makes you and people around you happy!
Children are such innocent angels who through their words and acts can amaze you! So when an opportunity comes to show them what you’ve got, you must do nothing less than amaze them! They see the world we show to them, make sure you show them a bright picture!

We had a fun trip to Kasol recently where we rode ponies for the first time and she was scared and enthralled all at the same time! We saw open pastures and she marveled at the picturesque view! We’re planning for a trip to Prague next. I cannot wait to see her inquisitive eyes drool at the magnificent architecture and historic culture of that place! But I think I am most excited to be a part of the journey she will take me through, through her eyes!

I wish to thank Indiblogger and Club Mahindra for this wonderful prompt that brought back quite a many memories to my mind! Enjoyed writing this post thoroughly. If you enjoyed reading, do let me know with a comment! Thank you!


  1. Lovely post, Priyanka. Good to see you back in action. Kids have a way of touching our hearts, the smallest of things mean so much and brighten the days :)

    Loved the pictures. :)

  2. :D Thank you @Akanksha Dureja .. I cannot imagine my life without her!


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