Monday, December 15, 2014

Road Rules: Safety Begins With Me!

I do not know how to drive.

Yes, I know it is pretty weird in today’s times to not know driving, that too in a place like Delhi! However, you must understand my reasons for the same. I have always been terrified of rash driving. After having two autos, three rickshaws and two cars over my two feet, I think you’d sympathise with me.

Sometimes, I really regret my decision to not have learned how to drive. However, I have been reading quite a few driving manuals and thanks to my friends who drive sanely.. I have learned much about driving appropriately.
I simply do not understand the rush that people get by driving recklessly. It isn’t an adventure; it costs precious lives.. irrespective if it is yours or mine. Often we find social organisations and school children presenting skits, silent marches in the streets of Delhi expressing the need to drive safely and follow road safety instructions as have been prescribed by the Traffic Police.
Simple things like putting the seat belt on and making sure that the car lights are working properly, giving signals at every turn and slowing down before bumpers, slowing down before a zebra crossing or simply following traffic signals and choosing to stop when the signal is orange than to feel the rush of crossing over- these are inevitable of not just road safety but also simple civic sense.

Now that the nation seems to be awakening itself on slogans of cleanliness such as swacchta abhiyan and its voting rights, I hope that times are changing and we are realising the value of our lives.
And yes, keeping my faith in the goodness of us humans and believing that every step must start with mine, I promise to learn safe driving from a proper driving school and earn my driving license.
Safety is my responsibility- should be the slogan of every person walking in the street or driving a car or a bike not just in the city but in the entire nation!

Like Gandhiji said, Change must begin with Me!

Me asking an auto for a ride. Pic courtesy: Nadia Ahmad

There is a need for caution regarding the road safety rules that have been best expressed by the NSDF (Nissan Safety Driving Forum). It is an ideal platform to learn discuss and ask about our doubts, fears and apprehensions and essential tips regarding driving and safety of not just our own-self but also be accountable about those walking and driving around us. This sense of collective responsibility is the only way forward for us. Thank you Nissan for providing me with this opportunity to reclaim my fears and to be a  responsible person especially in terms of driving safe!

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