Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life and Death-Two Sides of the Same Coin? #PeshawarAttack

I do not think there is anyone left in this world whose heart hasn’t been affected by the Peshawar Attack that shook our conscience, the way we undermined the kind of destruction we are capable of doing and the extent to which our own kind can go to hurt our own people! In those four-five hours, we have cried, mourned, and have run around with those hundreds of parents as they searched for their children!

Terrorism is an understatement for the trauma those eight alleged terrorists caused. I remember the live interview of a man who went in the front lawn of the school to search for his nephews and carried a dead body out saying he’d seen more bodies lying around-some shot in the head right in between and some had bullets pierced into their eyes!

This isn’t terrorism, this is Hell! By which religion, I wish to ask, does this act of sin be justified? I remorse; for the dead as well as for those who’ve suffered injuries. For more than the physical experience, I think the emotional and mental trauma to see your classmates being killed, lying in pools of blood, tattered clothes , fire, smoke.. Colourful futures being shredded to wrath..

It just makes me wonder… The things we say about how good things happen to good people, the promises we tell our children about, do they mean anything at all? If yes, how do we justify the inhumane termination of so many innocent children? Where did God hide then? Are these jihadists right that we needed to feel this pain?

These are the moments when you let go of the trivialities and introspect- How much does death affect us? And this loss of life is inevitable..Someday we die..But does the way we die, make the whole difference?
Also, what is religion? What is the scope of existence of a God who supposedly punishes the wrong and rewards the right?

How do you define a day of yours? A yesterday you spent procrastinating about that test you have the next day or that cake you need to bake or how cold it is going to be.

You wait for a tomorrow. You dream and hope. You get busy in the mundane and leave out the special for a fine day. I'll wear that dress on my next date, will treat myself to a doughnut on Xmas, will go for a manicure when that friend's wedding approaches...

 And then one fine day, you're gone. Startled you realise, the days just went by. The words you wanted to say, the hugs you wanted to give, the pain you wanted deliverance from, the eternal wait for justice or a punishment for someone who'd wronged you, all neatly folded in the casket that once held your heart firmly shut.

You want to breathe but you don't even Own your body anymore. You feel devoid of an identity or matter. Limitless and numb, you only wander.

All of a sudden, you know you won't be returning home. And you know it'll hurt, but they'll survive. You'll become a memory, a milestone they had to eventually move on from. They need to go back to the ordinairé, the mundane too. You'll see the pages turn, exactly one by one. You'll taste the saline and the bitter.

Death is the culprit, or life does that to you? Or is it we ourselves who are to be blamed? Should we blame each other or sit down and pray? Pray to a God for a miracle, because we cannot take a step back and think what we’ve done that was not right?
Is today not good enough to think about the coin we’ve tossed high up and not wait for God to catch it and throw it back to us? It’ll fall upon us one day and whether for good bad or ugly, the consequences of our own actions shall see the end of us!

For now, we can only take this one moment and pray for the souls that could have represented the future- a much more peaceful, educated, responsible Pakistan. It is indeed an immense loss, Mr. Nawaz Sharif. I hope you'll realise that the tiger you'd chosen to pet in your house, has eaten up your own family. It is time to kill that man-eater, NOW. 

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