Monday, May 19, 2014

Friend, Philosopher, Guide- My Role Model

In this journey of life, no one walks alone. We're all together, either in deed or thought or just for the sake of being. Then, there's family, the closest to us. And if we are lucky enough, strangers become friends and our garden blooms further!

Today, social media is the fastest cheapest form of entertainment, of course after the shower songs and the crazy roller coaster of thoughts we have in between the time we lie down and till we sleep off! In this crowd of many, I found a brother who believes in me, who loves me for all of what I am. And the fights make us stronger. And better. God bless you for the wonderful person that you are, and thank you for being someone I can look up to! My brother, my role model!


A role model according to me is someone who has lived his life king-size, one who promises that life can be and will be as fulfilling as it sounds to be.

Usually people take celebrities, well-known people, and politicians as role-models and so on or someone they wish to become, perhaps some creative feats that they’ve achieved.
But for me, except for my family of course- they’ve been my pillars of strength, they’ve helped me through my ups and downs and are definitely my greatest supports but a role model for me is someone who is within my reach and someone you can take immense inspiration from, but they’d also be there to tell you ‘how’ he/she has done ‘what’.
I think that apart from my family, I think I would say I have a person I would call my ‘role-model’ , not just because of what he has achieved, or what he does today but because where he comes from in life. It’s because of what he has understood from life and what is he ready to give from that, to me and others around him. It is what makes him ‘him’.

That person for me would be my brother, Rahman Bhaiya. Aalooran Rahman Bora. Yep, as you may have guessed with our differing surnames, he is not my real brother. Actually thank God, because there are so many things that you cannot talk to your family about; you need a friend, an unbiased guide. Who better than a brother! I don’t have a brother but a younger sister, so I always have to be the responsible person out there; someone who is absolutely stable. However, life does not work like that! And hence the need for a brother, becomes almost inevitable!

And it was at that time that I found Rahman Bhaiya, and he is my role-model because… not because he promises me or pampers me with things that I wish for but it is for the kind of conviction that he has for me. The kind of belief-system that he’s become for me that I know for sure that I can become whatever I want to be, he’s going to be okay with it, without inhibitions. He’ll be happy about it because much beyond the realm of career and money-making and all that comes a person who is within you and that is person he connected to, as he always insists!

We met through Facebook, and yes, that is as ironical as it gets because you know, you meet ‘friends’ on Facebook but to find a brother there, and finding an ever-lasting relationship..Now that’s as surreal as it may get! But that’s the most beautiful part about us! So, we met on Facebook and he was a follower of my blog, my statuses and poems. And then he messaged me once on Facebook saying that he was shocked to see my profile as he expected to find someone much older, wise and sage-like! (Imagine his shock now!) 

But there was this craaaazy woman there and well, that is how it pretty much started! He often tells me that I inspired him but Rahman Bhaiya, let me tell you that every time when things don’t work out for me, every time when life seems so tough and eventually I wish to give up, there is this one person I know whom I can turn to and he…That is you, you motivate me to become a better person, make me believe that even with the downs, the bad things that are happening in my life, things are eventually going to be alright and that is how ‘sail through the ocean’!
That is what makes you a role-model for me especially because I am a tough nut to crack! And well, you are someone who is okay with that! In fact, one of the few who’re okay with that, which is what makes you my ultimate Role-model!
I wish to thank Gillette India and Blogadda for this awesome opportunity because here’s how I tell him what he means to me and I couldn’t find a better way to do so! Thanks and cheers!

Well, even as I am making this video, I receive messages from him asking..
How are you?
Where are you?
Had lunch? Dinner?

He is always concerned about my whereabouts and I am lucky enough to have such a person in my life because you expect such things from your parents, your real family but this is a very special relationship for me so…
Any form of dedication is incomplete without a song and I would like to dedicate this song to my brother because you’re one of the most loving, warm and considerate people I have in my life and I am lucky to have you! And I would try my best to become the person you are, with all your qualities. My Brother, my role-model, here’s the song…

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