Wednesday, May 28, 2014

APPY Days are here again! The NOKIA XL-ent Indi-Meet!

How to make a spectacle out of an ordinary day?

  • Register for an Indiblogger meet.
  • Fit into that Elizabeth Perkins dress you’ve been waiting to show off
  • Throw in some assured craziness with a five-star hotel and free food (This time it was The Oberoi, New Delhi)
  • Invite 2 gorgeous men, Gadget guru and ever-pleasant  Rajiv Makhni and Michelin Star Celebrity Chef and one of the warmest people I’ve met, Vikas Khanna to sweep the ladies off the floor and get men envious of their presence!

Blogging has given me my share of privileges and honestly speaking, I can’t imagine why else would celebrity personalities agree to mingle with a history post-graduate poetess who neither has the technological prowess nor the cooking expertise to mingle with such talented who’s who of their fields!

Nonetheless, I am capable of having a conversation with Vikas regarding khana khazana as well as with Rajiv regarding the ways in which a smartphone can take over the monopoly of laptops and tabs. Maybe that’s the connection the Indiblogger team looked for us to find out. And we did!

This is the third time I was meeting the two gentlemen and it felt like so! While fellow blogger friends tried using mannerisms of Sir and Jee, I felt as if I had developed the comfort level already enough to call them by their names, and they didn’t mind that at all. In fact, I remember how I kept calling them and almost ordering them to stay back for my Velfies.

Which brings me back to the point.

So, this time, like every other time, I was on a high after meeting my Indi-mates Vineet( and his welcoming hug), Anoop (with his snort-y laugh), Karthik(almost always armed with his mischievous smile), Swati (the only sane-looking person in the team) and Renie (the quiet, sage-like guy who always responds to my query mails most promptly and with his classic personal touch) and of course, our Blackylocks, Nihal! It had been quite some time that the entire group had been present for a meet in Delhi. 

The meet began with the registrations and for the first time in my Indimeet experience we were ‘stamped’ on as IndiBloggers officially! 

Not just that, being a regular at the meets, the Indi-team asked me and my friends to perform in the First Velfie shot by the organising sponsors, Nokia XL ! So many activities where so many Nokia XLs and phone accessories were given out! Crazy-panti of fellow bloggers and the charisma of our dear hosts~So you can imagine the fun, I’ve had!
Here are some of the crazy pictures from the evening!

Now, some info about the product introduced to us! Noxia XL is smarter than the average smartphone with its exquisite features such as

Available in 



All this just for 

Leaving you with some more colourful info windows and clicking on any one of them would take you to the Nokia Website, from where you can avail all the information you seek! If you’re someone who wishes to carry a colourful, easy to handle, interactive phone, soothing to both the mind and thy pocket, this is the one you’ve been looking for my friend!

As for the meet, it will always be my utmost pleasure to meet the handsome and extremely gracious men, Rajiv and Vikas. I would like to thank the Indi team for the meet and congratulate for its success!
And yes, before I forget I think the world deserves to see this VELFIE I created from the meet! :D
 Hurrrrr Hurrrr Hurrrr we go!

#VelfieOnNokiaXL with Rajiv Makhni

#VelfieOnNokiaXL -ent Meet!