Monday, May 13, 2013


Once upon a gloomy day, a lonely star shone brightly in the sky… His beauty so luminescent; he grew and grew with every passing day, pushing all the stars away… The star though beautiful and emitting light would be lonely and cold as those known to him, disappeared gradually. He shone and shone with all his might as that is all he knew; colors red, orange, yellow and white but inside, he’d remain the coldest blue. He asked the Universe for a friend, a star that’d not get pushed away from him but all his prayers would go unheeded. The sun could shine no longer; the pain and the desolation were tiring him out, his colors had faded and he was frail and pale. He screamed in excruciating agony, “Why does no one hear me?”

He heard the most beautiful voice after a long long time and it felt like a balm to his aching soul. It replied to him, “I hear you,” The sun looked with constrained eyes all around him, and there she stood amidst the darkness, the silken moon.  She had been there all this while, waiting in anticipation for the sun to notice her. But the sun was too engrossed in his illumination to see her. However, now while he was suffering from the loss of beauty and shine, she was his only hope. A part of the sun had died down and the moon came closer to the sun and kissed the part and ignited it back into existence. Such unimaginable love for the sun gave moon the power, she never knew she possessed. The sun’s soul sparkled like a crystal, resurrecting in the moon’s love. The moon had loved him for an eternity and though weak now, melting in the Sun’s newly acquired light, could do nothing but align herself into him, dying.  

The sun could not let his only hope die out in his own light and thus made a decision; the toughest decision he’d made. Dying as a decision would have been much easier to make but to live and yet live apart, seemed like a never-ending penance but which seemed appropriate as it promised both something that was essential to their love: Life.

It was life that had conjured the meeting and so would destine their departure.  Love is not like the fairy tales where the lovers live happily together. True love is the love where we think about the other more than our own. The sun left the sky in the darkness to look at the moon gleaming in its place. In between the dusk and dawn, there comes a moment when both are to be seen together, beaming with love in the sky. It has been a witness to so many unrequited love stories, so many bits of realities that become a cork on the mouth of the volcano churning within each one of us. The same sky that blankets us; all forms of life, love and their little Pandora boxes is a testimony to the love that lingers on the face of this earth; the sun and the moon into a twisted essence of togetherness, or perhaps it is the simplicity of togetherness that we, the unwise, fail to coalesce our soul to.


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