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ISBN: 9788190863629
PAGES: 344


Anu is a leather wearing, no-nonsense professional guardian with a reputation for killing the most dangerous vampires in New York City. But when her enemies murder the one person she truly cared about, all she wants is vengeance. The only clue points to New Delhi, so Anu puts in for a job transfer.

What you read above is part of the synopsis of the book. And it makes me utterly happy when once in a reading span of months, you come across a book that is not a chick lit and yet has a Woman as the main protagonist. The little feminist in me applauds the theme. A lot of people consider writing from a woman’s perspective to be easy, but it isn’t so.

A woman’s mind is complex and imagining a female vampire slayer with a wicked sense of humor and a wisdom tooth for quick givebacks for attempted flirtations. I loved the naughtiness of Amit, the guy whom she meets in New Delhi who is supposed to help her get acquainted with the new city, and how things twist and turn into a different confluence altogether…
That’s the book for you, in a jist. Of course, you need to read the book for any more details. The USP of this book has to be the manner in which the protagonists have been blended into the plot, they are distinctly laid down before the reader as the reader delves deeper into the circumference of events. So there are vampires, dark and bright streets of Delhi, some situational characters… An easily one-time read, especially if you are the fantasy kinds!

It definitely is the kind of book you’d love to read before you go to sleep. And it is the kind of book that’ll edge you that little extra bit to delay your sleep and just read the next line..the next page…the next event….and before you realize you’ll be done with the book. The language is simple and flows readily with the adventures of Anu in the streets of New York to New Delhi.

Baba Senaka turns out to be a master in his arts, a tantric who is suspected to be the one killing children and Anu and Amit are in search of him with the help of Dr.Sharma.

However, there are attempts by the author to change his writing style as few parts of the book reflected, which I felt, broke the flow of the events in the narration. The author should have maintained the same pace, or perhaps been a little fast-paced considering it is a book which fantasy thriller.
There is a conscious effort to ‘Indianise’ a plot that is usually international in other books. The use of tantra makes it a wonderful attempt but sadly, not much has been incorporated to make it worth it. 

Instead, the book becomes an attempt at Indian Fantasy writing, I wish the storyline did not have such intentional spurts of mere acknowledgements of being situated in Delhi.. I, despite of being a Delhiite could not imagine the roads and scenes as mentioned in the book. I also did not like the cover picture of the book and I think one can really work towards that!

Anyhow, I think in terms of a storyline and definition of characters, it was a good attempt considering this was the author's first attempt.

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