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Remember the times when we were little girls and we loved looking at these cartoon characters and imagining ourselves to be them.. I particularly loved Rapunzel for her hair while Barbie's curls left me amazed every time she'd dance and her hair would unfurl like a blossom!

Even as I grew up and my mother never allowed me to keep long hair, my dreams never ceased to end. I dreamt of being a princess with those wonderful locks of hair as I tugged at my mushroom-cut hair ruefully.

 Dreams don't die easily, do they? They were as strong as my hair were to be.

Finally my mum allowed me to keep my hair long when I passed 10th std.

And then started my journey with my hair as I oiled it, shampooed it, being very careful about the products. Maybe it is a teenage thing, but for me, my hair was like a gift I had to prepare for my own self.

And this is how I look today...


Well yes, like I said...My hair is really very important and thus maintaining it while experimenting it is top priority, which also means I sort of become obsessive about it.

Colored hair and highlights have recently become the hot trend and how could I leave myself behind? Thus, got brunette-red highlights done, with an ultra-cool layered haircut.

What length, which color, what products- these are fundamental questions one must constantly be aware of, in the quest of hair-care. 

Hair-  a thing of beauty and a matter of pride
That determines how much you love yourself
Whether a groom or a bride.

The twists in turns personified in the locks and curls
One straight strand running softly through your fingers, my love
And I know you are mine.

When I am serious, and I mean every word
Know my mood through my locks,
They’d be neat and prettily tied up.
But when I have the music pumped up high
And a naughty smile tucked between my cheeks
It is time to let my hair down.

A beautiful braid down my waist
For that perfect bridesmaid
Some occasions demand a sazzy style
With a neatly tucked bun or a pretty knot
At the back of my head
If I choose to wear a saree instead!

We don’t give our hair much credit
How incomplete our lives are
without them, being our perfect partners
In every beautiful crime. Hence,
A bad hair day and our days go haywire
And luscious hair is like a dash of self-confidence.

While some of us pretend
That our hair don’t matter,
We accidentally curl a strand between our fingers
And our secrets are revealed.
Every strand of hair has a story to tell

However dramatically, that’s for us to spell.

With the likes of Monroe and Madhubala
Who added spice to their expressions
When their khol-struck eyes and pouty lips
Added beats to their bouncy hair and hips.
How Megan Fox steals the show
With her luscious glow.
And when talking of highlights and colored hair,
How can one not mention J-Lo!

But one must find their beauty
in themselves and how
they make life so beautiful.
Be it with flowers, or the hint of smile
the freshly carved curls or the wild hair let free
Ah Hair! What a thing of beauty and a matter of pride!

With friends who have beautiful hair and great sense of hair-styling. Above is a picture with Akanksha Dureja, a dear blogger friend who regularly nourishes her hair with mehendi that gives the texture, bounce and color in her hair.


In red is Preeti Singh, an author friend whom I fondly call Phoolwati, because of her individualistic and awesome sense of hair styling. She loves accessorizing her hair with flowers and add ons. 
We even did a ramp-walk together with another author friend, Rachit Bhushan, during his book release.

Below is a picture with Rohit Sharma, an author friend with whom I have clicked in the famous Srk-Kajol pose. Who can forget the evergreen pair and the luscious black hair that webbed in the character, Raj in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge!

Where else but Indiblogger meets can you flaunt your smile and let your hair down! I love the meets and look at my gorgeous girlfriends and Vineet Ranjan, of course like the bhawra in the garden of flowers!
Interestingly, in here all of us girls are wearing different ensembles, and the hairstyles are different too. NOTHIING EXOTIC, but utterly complimenting their personalities and their beauty of course!

Whoever said that Indians cannot stylise never met us! I was wearing a suit while Jyotsna Gandhi (in the Golden-colored saree) and Preeti Singh (in lemon & green colored saree) 

 Another person I'd like to mention is a poet-author friend, Sujata Parashar who keeps changing her hairstyles and color often and I am in awe every time she does that!
Here, she's shortened her hair and colored it into a dark auburn which wonderfully gives shape to her face cut and looks lovely on her!

Here me and my friend Krupa Devadiga are wearing different ensembles; I am wearing a kurti and she a tee and yet we are flaunting the same hair cut. The dimples do add to the good looks though, no doubts! :)

Farewells mean Sarees, Photoshoots and most importantly, Looking Good!

A set of light curls at the ends and a bouncy bout of hair is enough to make heads turn, don't you agree? ;)

We're more than 7 billion people on this earth and each one of us is supposedly a 'Unique'. And I believe that our hair greatly emphasises upon the person that we are- everything about it, the color, the length, the way we tie them or let them loose, the way we accessorize them, everything matters and makes us a little different, and a little special in our own ways.

So,what hair are you?

WHaT's YouR HaiR-wIRe?

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