Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm A Lie Away From Saying What I Really Think

Think twice
Learn again
Can you step up
Can you fly again?

He says I can.

Will he stay
if you are no more pretty
if you no more seem funny
Will he want to stay?

He says he will.

You have and so has he
been through the beauty and misery
but if it is this perfect
would you dare to take it forward?

He says nothing.
Simply looks into my eyes.
And as I look back at the times,
I realise, I felt different. And alive.

But will this last,
Shall time teach a lesson again
or will I crumble again, and if I do
Would he be there to hold me tight?

He still says nothing
he too has learned,
Life holds no promises, most

of which are gradually undone.
No promises.
No promises, I reiterate and yet
Every time I think of us
I am a lie away from saying what I really think.