Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Little Steps

Wrenched, my heart
with every fall,
Your failure meant mine-

And there you stumbled again.

With little steps ebbing
you held my finger, looked at me
I still remember your twinkling eyes-

As you smiled at me, never tiring.

You took your first step little one
I sighed, looking at you
You took another step or two, then looked back at me-

And tears welled up in your sister's eyes, my little one.

Posted for D'Verse Poetics


  1. Lovely, I could just picture the scene as if I was there. Thank you for sharing.

  2. beautifully done, Priyanka!!

  3. I was such a wreck... slate floors. You've captured a universal feeling.

  4. Oh. Disqus doesn't accept html language, I guess. Sorry about that.
    Here's the link..

  5. ah, brought back memories of my kids' first steps, thanx

  6. Yes, I remember, and you've caught it so well. magic!

  7. That is wonderful news! Thank you!
    But cannot see the link my friend! :(

  8. :D eeeee
    Must be such a moment!!!
    The initial stumbles..and then...:)
    Like d bird's first flight!

  9. A wonderful brought my memories of my first son wobbling and walking on his own ~

  10. ah, made me see first steps again, thanx

  11. beautiful, tender and touching piece. My sister just had two girls the past two years, and it's such a wonderful things watching them grow up so quickly. Thanks for sharing with us tonight


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