Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Void Named Vengeance

Drenched we are.

In your love.

Weak, like raining sand

We glisten in glee.

Happiness evaporates, the sun shines

we sit back, relax.

We grow like weathering rocks

crossing over each other's lines.

Soon we shall dry, the rain has stopped

you stand, ready to go

and I hunch back into my knees

we stare at the road-blocks 

I smile, you smirk and we both shake hands

"It was good, but now it's gone"

The sun has set, there is still time for a new dawn.

Its gone..Let the night flow in and take it's place

where Love resided, now lives a void named Vengeance.


  1. Lovely...moving on.

  2. This is a very mature Priyanka. I remember a saying "familiarity breeds contempt".

  3. :)
    Thank you Venky! What would I do without you!

  4. Thank you so much for your appreciation J!


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