Thursday, March 22, 2012

Waste Water..Waste Life!

The last drop settles on her palm
She catches her breath, her lips snarl
the little one stares at her, panting
defeat is not easy to gulp.

The elder one smiles,
and puts her palm closer to her dry lips
The tap shoots one last cry,
before oozing out that last bit of hope.

The little girl stands up,
it is the time to stage an act,
and starts wailing on a pitch so high,
even though her eyes are dry.

The other girl smiles,
settles the drop of water in the center of her palm
with caution, kneels and stretches it
near the little one's lips.

She stops crying, a faint smile urging up
and breaking into a curve, she looks at her sister
without any second thoughts, gulps it down
Sometimes defeat means no loss.

Imagine a world, where such acts
become a crude reality,
where Man dies not of diseases
but of thirst.

Let this not be real,
there is still time to heal.
To understand and learn
the ways of this world,
that Nature has created
not just the concretes made by us.

This World Water Day, Let us Pledge to do our own bit. For our own self. To Conserve is To Save, and Not Waste. Time to Act!


  1. A beautiful and thoughtful piece of literature with a sense of social responsibility to it! Adored reading it :D

  2. I am so glad that you liked the fact that I liked it :P

    PS : This is the only reply I could come up with.


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