Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrating I Me Myself!

Celebrating Womanhood in Me!

I have written about 350 blog posts here, and have received so much love from all of you. It overwhelms me. This year, Woman's day seems to be different somehow. Maybe it is my age. The whole transition from a girl to a woman is  a procrastinating one, unless you feel each and every change in you and in the world around you. What is more significant is how the way people look at you and you look at yourself goes through a change. I being a poet, have observed a change in my writing style too. I do not fear to write about matured subjects and I have a better understanding of human behaviour and receptivity as compared to even a year back.
And just to make it clear, I feel proud to be the way I am today. I can speak for myself and for people around me. I don't take any form of exploitation from anyone and I give it back, when it comes to fighting for my respect.

But there is one thing that affects me- What does it take to be a woman? Is it this confidence? Or a clearer understanding about the hazards and advantages of being one? Most of us probably do not even think about it.This change that affects us, silently but vehemently. Is it a good thing, this realisation, as it does somehow bereft me of being the playful little child. Several questions wander my mind and I find no answer good enough to satiate this quench of reasoning in me.

One thing that also struck me was, that in all these 350+ posts, I have never written about myself. What I like doing, what makes me happy or which flavour of ice-cream do I prefer. Maybe because I did not find it important or maybe because I felt that you would not be interested  in knowing!

Today I came across this wonderful site, that made me realise that I must enjoy being myself. The changes in me, the thoughts that I have, They may not always make me happy, but I do know that whenever I come back to this post, it shall make me smile. Because this time I write, not for Love, or Friends not even Poetry. I am writing for myself. I am writing about Me- the person that I am. As a writer, I must introduce myself as a person to my readers and as readers, you'd celebrate me equally as my posts.

Quality begins on the inside... then works its way out. - Bob Moawad

Maybe it is because of this innateness of our thoughts that the developments in us, are reflected, not in our own selves as much as they show in our relationships. More than a woman we are a daughter, sister, wife or mother. While men are seemingly more flamboyant about their changes- Buying a bike, Learning to play guitar, Doing engineering, going for a masters programme out of India, getting an MBA and having a girlfriend and so on. For women, it is a general tendency that a woman is taught that as a daughter you are an upholder of the self-respect of the family- So no night outs, no drinking, remain a virgin till you are married, and get married to a Man chosen, by your family.

Yes, I know a section of you would taunt me to be Old-modelled and that things have changed for the good etc etc. But trust me friends, things have changed, I agree but not to the extent that it shows. There would be a handful examples of women who have led life the way they have wanted to.And many out of those women are considered "Unsocial" to put it mildly.
I am no change-maker, nor do I profess positivism such that is almost absent in our society. And here, I speak of India alone as I have not really interacted with women universally. Most of us forget to alien ourselves from the various relations and thus, our state of mind lies in others, not ourselves. Though that too is essential, one thing that I am personally going to follow is to Do what I want to do. To keep my happiness as the first priority. We often forget that a flower that has fragrance in itself, not only attracts others but also spreads the fragrance to things around it.

Also, being women, we are made to be extremely conscious of our appearance. Healthy and obese females are lowly looked at. Also they are thought to be less capable of attracting others as compared to the anorexic, thin women. I do agree that being physically attractive is a valid point. But that must never strangle our self- confidence. Having a healthy body also helps us keep fit. Being obese does have a health factor to it. But other than that, I do not think that your weight or height should have much significance.

It is high time that the shackles were broken and womanhood sprung from the dichotomies that the society holds. With time and with evolving mindsets, societal customs that prevent a woman to affirm her space, should be given up. I am so happy to see an array of Women's Studies being taught in my masters and the best part is to witness so many of them studying with such spirit-be it men or women.

Consciousness is a weapon. But how it is used, is what matters. While gaining consciousness about ourselves, strengthens our personality, a negative breeding of that very consciousness, hinders our growth and stunts our potentialities. This Woman's Day make a pledge. Not to them. or To me. But to Yourself! Be proud of who you are and the struggles you have been through. Cajole your friends and families, but pamper yourself too. You deserve the best because you are the Best. Do not let anyone take you for granted for you do not take anyone else for granted.

But in all this, remember one thing. Wrong is wrong and wrong can Never be Right. I will never support a woman who is wrong. Even though she is a woman. I will tell her that she is wrong. Before anything else you are a Human Being. Feminine features exist in both men and women. And it is not the want to dress up or the hopeless romantic feeling but femininity would be Love, Care, Affection and thinking from the heart. Everyone possesses it and must respect it. Lastly, Man are not horrendous. I have seen that they can be the best friends and much better and passionate lovers than we women. They deserve all the respect too.

With all this said, I wish to send the warmest hug to all my women readers and ask all the men to treat their women right! Let love be the ultimate aim. Cheers!

I visited this site, that helped me realise that I need to write this post. Not just for the contest, but for my own self! Do check them!


  1. You have been good and I hope this run continues

  2. You are born as a woman and that itself is a Gift from God. O woman! you are a symbol of Love, symbol of Hope, symbol of Strength and of course, you are strength personified. If I were to be reborn, God, make me someone's daughter, maybe yours.

  3. That's a bunch of lovely thoughts! :)

  4. Its me who should thank you for understanding and gracefully accepting my thoughts. <3

  5. I know I am way behind time here.
    But the truth is the sentiments inked here by you are timeless. So, may be my lateness can be overlooked.
    You have quite correctly pointed out that consciousness holds the key to the better existence. And also it is well observed that the feminine consciousness must not be biased in any way what so ever. Well observed, well written. But that's certainly nothing new on your blog.

    Yes we, the unfairer gender need to read and glean the wisdom from your post too.
    Because not everybody gets a wise little sister who shares this level of wisdom with you.
    Ok, that's little smuggish. But it is well deserved.

  6. I know I am way behind time, Priyanka.
    But the truth is this is a timeless


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