Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sad Mind

In this world full of worries and cries,
where to console someone; No one even tries,
It is very easy to find
Full of pain and emotions- A SAD MIND.

Sadness in voice
and eyes filled with tears
Make one's tragic situations
quite Understandable and clear.

But still no one cares
and to console such a mind,
No one even dares.
Only the mind knows the extreme
of the tragedies through which
It has been.

When the world is happy,
Her eyes are wet.
Others laugh, but she cries
The rest of the world goes on
But for her it stops.
And it seems to her
that there is nothing left,
as if her destiny has led to
Of her happiness: a Big theft.

She is alone in this big world
Only she can understand the pain
which destiny has made her to gain.

She still laughs for the world
But inside of her,
is only Sorrow..pain..
To have a beautiful smile for the world-kind
This is the story of a Sad Mind..