Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Need You

While wandering alone,
in the lanes and pavements of this night rain,
again I am thinking of you..
The one who gave you
the form and hue was my mind..
the throbs in your frame
was designed by my loneliness..

You are still a dream..
so tender like a raindrop or a silky thread.

I cant search you on tracks
and footpaths,
where eyes and ears live…

Yet I know you reside
in the music of this night rain…

In between the glistening silvery strands of rain,
descending down into the dense dark forests of night
below the moonless sky without a milky shine,
I will walk like a wave,
in search of you..

I know you too are still searching for me..
we are the one inside a two.
we are the silent emptiness in the soul of a zero..

I need you..
In this night, like this rain, like a dream not to be lost ,
to shower into the core,
dissolving in veins,
to cool down the melted and opaque,
losses of my crumbled summer..

I need you,
in this night,
when the thunderstorms shiver and shatter,
sparkling pebbles of rain,
fall and break on many roofs,
in a closeness with unreachable distances,
in the voices with inaudible loudnesses..

I need you,
as my own night rain,
when the cracked dryness of my mind longs for
dripping water drops,
I need you,
to sleep in the cradle of love,
inside the tent of darkness,
hearing the lullaby of silences,
rising above mourning of the night for the dead rain,
under this colorless and voiceless,
plain and placid sky..

I need you ,
from faded mirrors,or torn images,
resurrected or restored,
real in virtual..