Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Do Right Campaign ~Blinking Stars

As the blinkers go on and off in the desolated roads of Connaught place, I make way towards a place I call ‘Home’. Of course not every eye is lucky enough to see the surreal illusions the lights create. Not every pair of ears is blessed enough to hear the birds calling out to their mates. The point here is not to make you feel sorry for them. It is for you to realize what all we miss even with all the senses intact with us. Something I realized that very night as I saw small kids snuggling into a half torn jacket. As they fought amongst each other, hitting each other and the laughing out as one would successfully strike at the other, a dog came into the scene. The little girl tried to shoo the dog away, but it persisted and finally, to my amazement, I witnessed the three nestle into that torn jacket. That tiny world seemed warm now, at least from a distance.

When I came across this video and the concept of “Do Right”, what struck me instantly was the faith- the conviction was contagious, to say the least. The aim of Koshish, the organization that facilitates the well-being and nurturing of responsible and talented individuals who have shed off their inhibitions of being deaf and dumb and who through creative techniques and ideas, have overcome the deterrence of the missing senses.
Words, they’ve meant the world to me, as far as I can remember. Hence I know, I know the effort it takes to bring them to the mouth and blurt it out like every iota in you, means it. Through this initiative, the team at Tata Capital wish to gift two cameras to the extremely talented students in this organization. I personally feel that one must at all levels support and encourage such steps and thus, here is my small contribution to this revolution called #DoRight !

The world recognizes that such individuals are not physically disabled. Rather, they’re differently abled. They have the power and capability of a perspective that’s borne out of the experience of being ‘different’. My only hope from my brethren is that they realize the potential of what the absence of one of the senses can actually create. I believe that India, with its army of the ailed, veiled and differently-abled can become the super-power in the next decade if we harness the potential that we’ve got in every eye that twinkles looking at the moon, for not every eye can dream a sky with boundless possibilities. And if they do, we must never let them close unless they close to blink again. Let them blink and usher in the happiness this world deserves.

This post has been written as an entry for the 'Do Right' campaign, an initiative of TATA CAPITAL in association with INDIBLOGGER.

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