Friday, February 21, 2014

Seriously Yours!

Seriously, how many of us know the root cause of
why the world is so serious?
The aam to the khaas, from the beggars to the nawabs
Once-divorced, thrice bereaved
The end of all tragedy leads to it.
Aakhir what is the praablem janaab?
Itne kyun hai serious aap?
Imagine a world where we end letters with
A ‘Seriously Yours’ and socho if there were
Medicines with the tag ‘seriously made’?
I wish I were half as serious about my life
As my aunt is, whether it is a shaadi or a disco night!
My professor seems to have forgotten to smile
I wish someday soon
I’d get to see him out of the whole 'serious' look!
I can sacrifice my pride and look the other way
To find the smile tuck behind his moustache nook!
I wish yeh seriousness koi door bhagaaye,
So that thode aur marks toh mil jaaye!
It kills to fight over every mark,
Kya har mark deduct hota hai
From your salary, jailer sahaab?
Seriously, is problem ka koi toh solution nikaalo yaaron!
Kahin der na ho jaaye, let the smile widen a li’l more often!
Kya kare, from where do we get the babajee ki booti?

Tabhi prakat hui meri ladli behen,
Mere aankhon ka taara, mere jeene ka sahaara
Adding tadka n’ spice to my otherwise saadi daal
She made me realize that is seriousness ka hai ek ilaaj!
But she had one condition, usko chahiye thi meri favorite sweatshirt!
“No way, I won’t” I cried, aghast!
Then she went on with her pravachan,
“The world shall remember your sacrifice, meri badi behen!”

Laao! Jaldi Laao, 5 Star ki soft soft bite
Khilaao over dose sabko, chahe day ho ya ho night!

 Ban jaao apne film ke villain nahi hero,
5 Star khaao aur masat jiyo.
And if you're lucky you'll have a sister
to enjoy every bite too!

This entry is in remembrance to all the souls who miss being in the #ConditionSeriousHai mode, shukar hai 5 Star hai! 

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