Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Product Review: WeChat

Today, I am reviewing a mobile phone application called the WeChat, and as the name suggests, the application is a free voice and text messaging application that enables us to contact our friends and family easily and mainly for free, whether in India or anywhere internationally.

WeChat Screenshot

It works effortlessly on iPhone, Android, Windows and even the Symbian. Clearly, the developers of this application are looking to target a much wider audience with the WeChat. It has been concptualised and produced by the company,Tencent which happens to be the largest internet-company in the Asia-Pacific and the third largest in the world.
Along with the basic services of the voice and text messsaging, WeChat also offers services such as photo/voice sharing, contact and location exchange and sharing facilities. With the launch of this application, Tencent clearly stands to become a competitor to the current leader, Whatsapp and other slower applications such as the Nimbuzz.

Some features of the WeChat App would include:

  • It is absolutely Free! Even the Upgrades are for free.
  • Multiplicity of Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Bump, Shake and Remote Shake your way through for sharing contacts, files etc.
  • Individual as well as group chat options
  • Has a Facebook Connect option that allows easy registration for new consumers and also, helps in finding friends and existing contacts and/or inviting them to WeChat
  • Is colourful and looks attractive and is easy on manageability
My personal experience has been satisfying. The voice clarity is good enough, though much can be blamed on my poor network for the voice messaging. The Video call is perfectly workable via the 3G network and the shake feature for sharing is super cool. Definitely a competitor to Whatsapp though, I felt that the transfer from Whatsapp to WeChat might be slow as people are totally addicted to Whatsapp. However, the voice and video call features are unique to the app, and thus, has scope to become the new leader in Social Networking Apps!

You can download the application from here. WeChat
If you have further queries about the app, you may check the FAQ section too! WeChat FAQ

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