Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Wish Someone Told Me...

I wish someone told me that fairy tales do come true. That
Happiness can still be touched and felt.
I wish someone told me, hope never fails. That
the horizon is never the end, but is like the silver lining
for the cloud that surges and bursts and surges again.
I wish someone told me how the one-winged bird is still alive
and how the mother grieves for her child. That
love and hurt are never lost, but go hand in hand
we win some and lose some, and while we are at it
We live, every moment, every memory.
I wish someone told me when life would end for me,
may be then I would live it to the fullest this minute
Maybe then the past would not affect the present
I wish someone told me how love can last for a lifetime. That
people come and go, but memories stay and breathe.
They breathe dust or dew, is for us to seek and choose.
I wish someone told me I am good enough, with my flaws and
That imperfections are the new perfect.
I wish someone told me that there is a man, who sighs
with every breath I take, who drinks the coffee now cold,
half of which I left and forgot. That he still drinks water from the glass
with my lipstick stains on it, to remind him of the kisses we build our love on.
Every day a little more, it grows, like creepers on a Banyan
bit by bit, I see the puzzles fit in.
I wish someone told me, that dreams do come true and that life isn't just the bruises
but the healing, not just the misery but the freedom to live, more and beyond.
I wish someone told me so, but maybe no one knows, till they learn on their own.
I wish someone told me this before, and maybe then, I would have passed it on to more.
I wish someone told me, It is never too late, Never.

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