Thursday, March 20, 2014

We Are Reborn- Day After Day

Isn't it amazing how new things remind you of the old things, the old days gone by and how life has gone past all these years, and you forgot to realise how time simply flies!

However, there are these relations, people, possessions 
we hold on to so close that 
we don't realise that what is left of them
 is only a shadow- lifeless and color sucked out of it as if in haste. 
My purpose of writing this post? 
It is catharsis as some people would put it- it is 
to spit out the venom out of your system, for good. 
A dear friend, that long lost-now found book or that tea-stall
you'd almost forgotten of, but did not erase from your memory.
How a small talk or indirect references, made it all come back
with a salty realization that you might not be a speck of what they worry of anymore?
It takes a lot of courage to move past that mark,
To head off to a new start. But you know it is worth it!
Opportunity knocks you off the ground, that’s the door you gotta open
It isn’t as picturesque as it seems.

We live a lifetime wondering if someday
We’ll attain the closure we deserve.
And yet, at some point we do end up knowing
It was a milestone that left us, while we were busy searching.
Such closures are about us, our emotions and our way forward
Such paths have no beginning and no end.
There is no after life, only re-births.
If it at all has to be about a farewell,
Then fare them well, and grasp with both hands tight
Not them, but the memories you shared, equally.
It is about having that bad headache, which has no other solution but
A nice hot shower, with your favorite body wash.
The difference can range from a ‘good bye!’ to a ‘good riddance!’
That is how life helps us deal with what may not go
But evaporate afar.
It is all about making the choice, to either hold your own horses

Or be led by others’.

Thank you for the prompt RacoldIndiblogger