Saturday, October 26, 2013

Be The Change You Wish To See

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If given a chance, to decide for this land
And for its people, what change I would like to see,
I would ask for the freedom to accept each other
To be equals in the truest being.
Security for women has become the butt of all jokes
People love the sarcasm, but who really steals the show?
Children prone to the adversities, even before they are told
What does life promise for them, when today doesn’t really know?
If I could bring in the change, I would
Count the stars and teach my people
The goodness of this land, and yet let them know
It all comes from within us, the good, bad, new and the old.
I want free education, online and offline
And for it, not to be sold.
More free courses, and webinars
Aided to the slums, the by-lanes in wheels and carts.
The last decade has seen the greatest of technological innovations
Made people come closer and yet,
There are many to whom, the distance itself isn’t a number
But like a walk without a pair of slippers.
A handful of roses with thorns enrolled.
I will make stricter laws for thefts and burglary,
And those convicted, would be taken to old age homes
Kept in service, for months across
Till they see, how innocent lives suffer from the disease called loneliness.
I am an ‘aam aurat’, what can I do
People question my power like they own it for sure,
To them I ask, who are they and can they make things any better?
I may be a tiny speck in this arid land
But I know I am flying in the wind,
Without me, the wind cannot turn rain into this land,
Which is quenched for that, what was long promised.
Justice delayed is justice denied, why wait when you can Vote,
Vote for the right, I demand, and take up the responsibility
For the sake of mankind. I will, won’t you?

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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