Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product Review: Ultramintz ~Arrghh se Aaaahh tak!

My sister: Oh! So you're studying Geometry! *smile widens*
Me: Go Away. Now!
Sis: Ok! I will but only if you answer an easy question first!
Me: Fine, anything to buzz you off! 
Sis: How many sides are there in a circle?
Me: Infinite! 

*I smile back, like Kung fu Panda*

Sis: *grins* Haahaa! Wrong answer!
Me: But... 
Sis: Rehne do (Eng.: Let it be) ! Now let me explain.
There are two sides of a circle:
Inside and Outside!

**With that, she runs out of the room**

I waited for her to go to the other room, after which I closed my door and fetched out a box of Ultramintz from my almirah, where I’d hidden it from my little sis. Looking at the pack itself made me smile. When we think of a mint box, we usually think of tainted plastic glass boxes or bright green and blue colors. But that’s where the zing lies, in the presentation itself! The mint box was kept in a beautiful cradle box which was black in color with hue-streaks of red and blue embedded; that reminded me of the beautiful coral reefs and the undersea world. There is something about dark colors and hues that attract me.

Anyway, so how different can a mint tablet be from another? So I popped in a tablet in my mouth without further adieu. And what happened next was enchanting!  My migraine reduced considerably and like they say, breathing is the spirit of living and when you breath nice and fresh, life is like a bout of fresh air in spring! And why not, after all the two most sought-after contexts are fulfilled:

     ·       Sugar-free (for the calorie conscious)
     ·       Extra Strong! (yeah..yeah..we’re talking about mints only!)

It is indeed a mood-enhancer and my new addiction after coffee!  
Priced at Rs.50/- and available in a sleek black tin pack, Ultramintz is most definitely a coveted product introduced by ITC. Absolutely, a must-try my friends, especially if you have agents of irritation all around you!

Aaarrrrgghhh…se Aaaaahhh tak!
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