Saturday, December 22, 2012

Un-masking The Man

The moon is shining nice and bright. 
You tell me, "Ah! Darling, you look so pretty tonight."
I smile and cheeks go crimson
as I look into his eyes, deep.

The world is spinning
twisting and turning,
I feel like a bollywood queen
and he my handsome king.

My stomach churned
the hunger of a different kind
he looked into my eyes
it was the most beautiful sight.

The kiss was to come, I could feel it in the air
a little more could be expected
after all, the make-up artist had been paid well!
So here it was, breath in breath...

"Holy Lord!Ouch! It hurts!" I winced
"What was that", I asked backing off.
He, as if had woken off a dreamy romantic scene
fumbled, "Is everything alright?"

I rubbed my cheeks gently,
taking my powder case out
and much as of what of I had thought
all my make-up had smudged out.

"Your stubble, Prasoon! It hurts!
How many times do I tell you, 
when we meet, please make sure you are shaved!"
He shook his head in retrospect.

"How does it matter, Amrita, I like my stubble.
It is manly and makes me look all grown.
If I accept you the way you look,
why would you want me otherwise, hun?", he said.

I cannot forget that day, it still lies clearly in front of my eyes as if it was only yesterday. Yesterday it was, surely but then things have drastically changed, and how! It had been amazingly difficult to talk it out with Prasoon with his male ego always snickering in. He would love how I would manicure my nails, wax my body hair and floss my teeth. But I had tired myself out to convince him to get rid of his stubble. So this is what I did. I stopped indulging in the little things I knew he would notice. Like.. Waxing my body hair, getting the monthly facials and flossing. And of course, Lovemaking! He got nothing more than a friendly hug. Soon, the "change" was Glaring at him and he finally asked me what was wrong. 

He asked me why I had stopped going for my visits to the parlor and why I had stopped waxing. He queried if I was unwell or needed a medical treatment. 

And Man! Did I tell him or what! 
Like you love the luscious hair springing up from my arms,
They invite you and how, see my love
You love it, don't you Pricky-Poo?

I purred some more,
and he couldn't take it any more
and he shouted in despair
Please, can you get back to being Normal, baby?

And thus I told him for the last time around
I hate your stubble, Prasoon.
Those hard bits of hair on your face
they hurt me when I try and kiss your mouth!
If you like to see my skin hairless
and my teeth shining like they are from the Moon
then baby, you'll them, real soon
Get rid of the hideous stubble, if you care!

Finally after a hoollaaaaahooo, we finally got rid of our "rough patches" in life. And, we lived happily ever after too! 

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