Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seeing through..

No one sees me.
No one hears me.
I'm forgotten.
Like the crayon left 
behind by a child.
Left to melt into the
backseat of their lives.
All they see is what 
they want to see.
All they hear is what 
they want to hear.
No one cares to look deeper,

To see the pain behind the smile.
To hear the scream behind the laugh.
No one knows me.
They think they do.
They think they can read me like
a story book.
All they see is my shell.
Not me.
No one knows who I am.
How I feel.
What I dream for.
What I say when they aren't listening.
And they don't care.
They like simple.
No hurricane,
Just the eye.