Thursday, July 1, 2010


Walking by the seashore,
you slid your hand into mine ..
we watched the sunset together ..
i dunno why i smiled..
The world called us best friends ..
And so did we ..
Was there more to it ..
More than friendship it could be ..
Talking through the wee hours ..
we spoke to no-end ..
"oh! we're not in love
we're just best friends!"
Watching the movie,
you put ur arm round me ..
putting my head on your shoulder ..
i felt you breathe on me ..
your fingers were running,
through the knots in my hair ..
and i lay there wondering ..
was it just as best friend you cared
On my way back,
I thought of nothing but you ..
Analysing it all,every bit ..
trying to sort out the clue ..
and yet i lie clueless..
for the riddle has no end ..
Is there more to it..
or are we just best friends?