Friday, July 10, 2009

remember me..just once in a while...

today my heart is filled with so many many people many many feelings..
recently enough..i am coming across people who have transformed themselves..some for the better...most for the worse...and i nomore see the person i knew. it makes me feel exasperated.. lonely and scared. it worsens when i wake up at 2 am in the night...all sweaty..just out of a nightmare where i see many fo them all black and slimy...i can see light but not its source and i find myself enveloping into the mist..bit by bit..fold by fold.
its so relations change..from better..and then to worse!

hmm...i feel d best way to teel u wat i feel..i'll be me..:) ...n write u this....

remember me when i am gone away
gone far away in the silent land
when you can no more hold my hand
nor i half turn to go..yet turning stay..
remember me when no more day by day
you tell me of the future that you care
only remember me..u understand..
it will be too late to counsel then or pray
yet if you should forget me for a while
and afterwards not grieve
better by far you should forget and smile
than remember me and cry...

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