Sunday, September 21, 2008


I shall die soon, i know

this thing is in my blood.

It will not let me go

it saps my cell for food...

It soaks my night in sweat

and breaks my days in pain

No hand or drug can treat

these limbs for love or gain..

Love, was the first strange cause

that bred grief in its seed

And gain knew its own laws

to fix its place and breed..

He whom i love, thank God

won't speak hope or cure

It would not do me good

he sees that; i am sure..

He knows what i have read

and will not bring me lies

He sees that i am dead

i read it in his eyes...

How am i to go on

how will i bear this taste...

My throat cased in white spawn

these hands that shake and waste..

Stay by my steel ward bed

and hold me where i lay

Hope you'll love me when i'm dead..

And not let me die....